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Relaxation Massage in Crawley, West Sussex.

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Event & Workplace Chair Massage

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      With all due respect, offices and places of work can be stressful environments! Working long hours, seated in stationary positions, making deadlines and hitting targets, managing teams of staff and cooperating with coworkers can take it’s toll on your & your staff! Physical & mental stresses can quickly grow and your company’s morale, performance and productivity can inevitably be affected.

But inviting another set of hands to therapeutically address these common complaints can give massive benefits to your company as a whole!

Physical & Mental Benefits

With ergonomic chairs or not, being seated long periods can stagnate the body’s circulation. Massage invigorates the body with a supply fresh oxygenated blood to the body’s vital organs including the brain. This improves focus & mental clarity which will improve staff performance and productivity levels.

It’s not easy taking phone calls or being present in a meeting when you’ve got a bad headache or an aching back and shoulders. Massage loosens muscular tension caused by poor posture and daily wear & tear. The muscles don’t pull and hurt the body any longer, giving much needed relief and allowing your staff to get back to what they were doing with new vigour.

Massage also releases nature’s happy hormones; endorphins. A less cranky work force leads to better morale, greater staff cooperation and interpersonal-relations between staff. Harmonious!

Massage also improves the body’s immunity. A regular massage can keep staff sickness at bay. No-one wants to man a ship with half the crew present!

It’s Science!

Just 15 minutes of chair massage has been shown to significantly reduce blood pressure & cortisol levels (a hormone produced by stress.)


£12 per treatment + £30 for 30 minute set up time, consultations & travel costs.

I.e. 10 treatments x £12 = £120 (+ £30) = £150.

 What Kate provides on the day :

  • All equipment necessary
  • Quick paper consultation forms for all participating staff
  • Aftercare advice for participants

Staff Benefits

Each member of staff who receives a treatment will be given a money off voucher for another treatment at the local Solace Massage studio to continue the positive experience for your team members and to thank your company for choosing Solace Massage!

How to book / further info:

Email Kate with your company’s name & address and approximate staff numbers. Kate can make an initial visit to your company premises to discuss practicalities / show certificates.


Or call on: 079 265 264 39