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Relaxation Massage in Crawley, West Sussex.

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What to expect

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If it is your first visit, we will have 10-minute consultation where you get to discuss with me your medical history and lifestyle. This is to make sure that there are no medical contraindications that prevent me from treating you. It also enables  me to tailor your massage treatment specifically to your needs! For your piece of mind, any information you disclose in the consultation is kept strictly confidential to comply with data protection laws. On future visits we can just update any relevant changes.

Come as you are!

No need to wear or bring anything in particular as will you undress down to your underwear and be draped with large, warm, Egyptian cotton towels. Only the area I will be working on will be exposed. You’ll be asked to remove any jewellery (except wedding rings and piercings) and/or watches you’re wearing and your mobile phone should be put on silent (or even better – turned off) for the duration of the treatment, so as to avoid you being disturbed!

How to get the best from your massage


*Use the consultation session to state your preferences and restrictions. E.g. if you want me to avoid treating the neck area or want firmer pressure on your calves, say it here so I know from the beginning the best way to treat you and there are no mid-way suprises, disrupting the flow of the massage and the routine.

*Before your massage, if you feel you may want to go to the toilet beforehand, go! You don’t want to be distracted whilst receiving your treatment and have to interrupt the session mid-way.

*During the massage, if you feel at all sleepy – go with it! And please do not feel embarrassed. I always takes it as a compliment that I am doing job well if I start hearing the “zzzzzs’” from the massage couch!

*The same goes for noisy bellies! Massage can affect digestion, so please don’t feel embarrassed if your tummy rumbles.

*During the massage, always tell me if you feel cold or uncomfortable in any way or want the lighting adjusted. That way you can address that niggling little issue and get back to fully enjoying your massage!

*You don’t want a busy mind whilst you are receiving the massage as it will distract your attention away from how lovely it feels. Use the time during the consultation to chat openly, vent what you need to, in order to then free you’re your mind for a quiet, peaceful and rewarding massage.

*During your massage, if you feel you could benefit from more or less pressure in a specific area don’t feel embarrassed to ask! It’s your time and money remember!

*Afterwards, always drink plenty of water. It is likely you will feel thirsty and pass more water after a treatment, this is because massage is excellent at speeding up the body’s waste removal process and flushing out unwanted toxins. Aim to help the process along by staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water over the following 24 hours. Your body will certainly thank you for it!

*Take a bath afterwards! The warm water will continue to soothe and relax the muscles. By adding some Epsom salts – you can help boost that toxin removal too.

*Rest afterwards. Ideally you don’t want to make any plans after you’ve had a massage.

*Please take care when driving home from your massage as your reflexes may be slightly slower.


*Eat a heavy meal during the following 6 hours. Instead, have a light meal like a salad for instance, so your body can concentrate on continuing to heal itself.

*During and after the massage, your body will be cleansing itself so avoid toxins like cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine or stimulants like Red Bull for the next 12 hours.

*Avoid vigorous exercise, your body will be in relax mode and will want to stay that way for the next few hours!

*Don’t worry if you feel slightly achy afterwards! This is just your body adapting to the massage. Any aches or pains will be short-lived and replaced with a wonderful fluid, soothing feeling!